“The daily adventures on a farm can become mighty boring when everyone around you is vacationing,” thought Dot.

Seeing the humans lounging about gave her ideas of soft couches, pillows and cosy quilts!  She was tired of the gravel driveway game and stepping on the fig tree sticks that were forever falling! And then there was the red Myocum mud that she had had quite enough of, and so had her little white socks!

Restless, she nosied up to Dash and with a bit of a yowl and a pout asked him what he was going to do to make her life at the farm a “resort”!

“What do you mean ‘resort?’” puffed Dash, who already lived his life mostly horizontal and made his career out of floor collapsing! “We already live it large here at Tooraloo, Dotty, a dog couldn’t get better digs than this! It’s De-Luxe!”

“It’s all very well for you big guy,” Dot moaned, “the humans let you lay all about. and you’re so fluffy, heavy, and stubborn they can’t even drag you out off the carpet by your paws! You‘ve got them wired! As for me, I’m supposed to play and run and well? I’m tired Dash! I want a holiday too!”

Dash sunk lower into the carpet with a huge “harrumph.” He hated it when Dot started down the path of nagging no-return, so he foxed her into believing he had quickly fallen asleep.

Seeing Dash’s indifference, Dot had had quite enough! She decided to take “Resort Luxury” into her own paws and pounced up and onto the modular living room couch!

“Now THIS is resort style!” she thought. “Every doggie queen needs a throne.” So she proceeded to catch some zzzzz’s while wrapped up in a furry ball.

Just then her human master came in and saw Dot. She realised that Dot needed a soft spot to lay, and that she had earned as much for all her faithfulness. Besides, Dot was the favourite! She went to La Doggie Vita online, and found the fluffiest velour doggie bed she could, and in perfect pup pink!

A few days later, it arrived. Her human placed it at the foot of her bed, and Dot pounced in. Dash decided Dot was so spoilt, but as she was so cute, he didn’t say a word.

“Every dog has her day,” he thought, and so he laid down on the floor at her feet, the place he loved the most.