Important Information About Your Stay at Tooraloo

Dear Guests of Tooraloo Farm Stay,
Welcome to our beautiful haven!
I’m happy to welcome you here!
My manager is Diane Reed, if you have a booking
then by now you would have her phone number, but in case you don’t it is 0415 060 312

Please refrain from contacting me directly when yiu have requests while staying with us, (unless it is an emergency or you have changes to your booking), as I am often not available.

When you have requests, or needs while here, call Di as she is in charge of the maintenance of the property. Texting her is better than calling.

There are a few things about the property that you must be mindful of while visiting:

1. Check-in is strictly at 3 pm, or later. If your other guests do not know the gate code or which building they’re staying in it is your responsibility to advise them. We may not always be available to take the call and they will be locked out.

2. The gate code as a reminder is 11331, it shuts automatically.

3. There is a speed limit on the driveways of 10 km which will be strictly enforced. Any violation to our rules will result in a deduction from bond.

4. Please be mindful we have other guests on the property and you must be respectful of them with regard to your behaviour and your noise levels. Please note also that Tooraloo Farm is a smoke free zone. Any incident of smoking will result in immediate $200 fine deducted from your bond, this includes our finding any cigarette butts around your dwelling or the property while you’re staying there. We are very observant of this factor.

5. As a reminder Byron Bay Council has a strict noise restriction of 10 pm. Our neighbours will complain if that noise restriction is violated, the fine will be passed onto you.

6. The pool and entertainment areas are for private use unless you have rented the entire property or for an event. The hours of the pool are strictly enforced – nobody can swim before 7 am or after
10 pm. Further, all beach sand must be washed off at the outside shower on the Cabana wall before entering the pool. No glass is permitted in the pool area!

7. The barbecue hut is also for private or event use only If you have access it must be cleaned immediately after each use. Please notify me if the gas bottle runs out.

8. The fire pit use is also fir private or event only use, and is also seasonal and based on fire restrictions You must check with me as to whether there is a Total Fire Ban, or not, before using the fire pit. You must provide your own firewood which can be purchased from the BP station on Ewingsdale Road.

9. We allow for a reasonable amount of rubbish based on your length of stay and the number of guests in your dwelling. Any excessive rubbish which will not be able to fit into our bins will be charged against your bond as it will require a dump run. You do have the option of taking excess rubbish with you to avoid additional costs.

10. Air conditioning is provided at Tooraloo Farm but at a great cost. We ask that you do not run the air conditioning unit when you are away from the building for an extended period of time. If we find the air conditioning units are running all day long and you are not here you will be charged an additional utility fee which will be taken from your bond.

11. Water is at a premium here as we are on tank water at Tooraloo Farm. Further, the area is subject to drought all year long. We are not connected to town water. We have monitored carefully how much water should be needed for your stay, therefore if you use excessive water and your tank runs dry you will be charged to bring in a delivery of water with a tanker. The fee is $260.

Please be very mindful and tell your guests to be mindful of their water usage, such things as turning off taps while brushing your teeth, having short showers and flushing toilets with minimal flush option will help with the situation.

12. This is a rural residence as such you may encounter some of the native species that live here including snakes.
Please be mindful of where you walk and please have awareness at all times should you need to reach a medical person for any kind of issue you can dial 000
or the ER / hospital is half a kilometre away on Ewingsdale Road on your right hand side as you head into town.

13. Please be aware that we are a working farm. We have five resident cats which we will be feeding, a rabbit that we will be caring for. Our plants will be watered on the porches so please note that I will be around daily checking on these maintenance needs.

14. We have provided adequate supplies for you and your guest’s stay. Should you utilise all of the supplies we have provided to you, you will need to re-purchase for your additional use at the IGA or the BP station on Ewingsdale Road in the Industrial Centre.

15. Check out time is strictly at 10 am for all guests. You must be vacated from the property by 10 am otherwise you will be charged per hour rate of $100 per hour which will be deducted from your bond. The reason for this is that it will impact our cleaning services greatly and make it difficult for us to check in the next guests.

15. We expect that you will notify us immediately if there is any breakages or damage done to the property. Is something needs repair we would like you to let us know immediately as well. We would rather hear it from you than find it for ourselves. Any damages will be deducted from your bond.

Di Reed is happy to help you with any of your concerns, or questions regarding this list of requests.

I hope that you have a beautiful stay and create a beautiful memory at Tooraloo Farm…

Safe travels and come back again!


Concetta Antico ~ Proprietress