A black, long-haired dog lying in front of the main residence at Tooraloo Farm, showing that the property is pet-friendly.

It’s that time of the year again. Perfect warm Byron Bay days are here and Christmas break is so close you can feel it. You’re starting to think about where you’ll escape to this year, doing initial research on which kennel your beloved dog should board at… or  maybe they should accompany you?

You’ve probably already considered taking your precious pets away with you, but quickly been put off by the idea when you think of the added stress of planning a getaway suitable. It’s a problem many dog owners face, but with so many options like our pet-friendly Byron Bay accommodation, there’s really no reason not to bring them along on the next family escape. Here are just a few reasons why:


1. It keeps the whole family together
Pets really do become a part of the family, and it can often feel like something is missing when they aren’t with you. There’s no reason to feel this way if you bring them along, as they get to enjoy every moment right by your side. It’s also a great chance to spend more quality time with your four-legged friends, without the distractions of work and responsibilities.


2. Taking your dog on holiday means you’ll spend more time outdoors 
More time at the beach? Morning strolls? Sunset walks? Yes please! Bringing your dog along encourages you to get out and explore the local area. You’ll get to see places you probably otherwise wouldn’t have, that won’t be overcrowded with other tourists, like picturesque hikes or the quieter, dog-friendly beaches in Byron Bay. Tooraloo also has plenty of paddock space to roam. Your pooch will be grateful for all the extra time outdoors and you’ll be guaranteed to be more active on your holiday, so you indulge guilt free! 


3. You’ll know they’re safe
No matter how much you trust your neighbour (or a kennel), it’s hard to relax on your holiday knowing you’ve left your dog behind. Will they be fed enough? Are they getting walked? Are they lonely? It’s totally normal to worry like this! Your mind will be at peace when your furry friend joins you on a holiday and you’ll be able to enjoy your time away without any worries. 


4. Boarding kennels are expensive – our pet-friendly farmstay lets them stay free
Boarding your dog in a kennel while you head off on holidays is one more expense you have to worry about. We don’t charge for pets to stay, so 

it works out cheaper than having to leave your dog behind. Bring them along with you and save yourself the money that’s better off spent on fancy doggie treats or delightful experiences on your holiday.