The Concetta Antico Gallery

TOORALOO’S creator and custodian is a master artist of world renown, having been the focus of global media attention for decades…

Born in Sydney, Australia, Concetta Kerrie Ann Antico grew up in the Eastern Suburbs and attended school in Kensington at OLR & OLSH and also at Holy Cross College in Woollahra. She later attended Randwick TAFE and finally graduated from Sydney University. Shortly after she high tailed it to California where she conjured her career over several decades… Concetta painted with oils since a small child, copying the master Impressionists of Europe, making oil painting her first passion, and only medium. She went on in the USA to form highly successful school called The Salon of Art in San Diego where she held 100’s of shows and taught over 25k people how to paint.

In 2012 she was found to have a special gift, a mutation! One which gives her the super power called “ Super Vision” of being able to see and create over 100 million more colors than those with regular vision. Called “Tetrachromacy”, Tetra meaning four, Chroma meaning color, she has a fourth cone or receptor in her eyes. She has been studied extensively by Dr. Kimberly Jameson, a scientist at the University of Irvine in California ever since. Dr. Jameson calls Concetta “The Perfect Storm” for this rare condition.

It is Concetta’s visionary abilities that has instilled a form of visual magic over the canvas of this rare historic estate. Unlike any other space, her creations are enchantment for the eyes and healing for the soul. Enter the world of Tooraloo Farm Stay and be see the true beauty of the world, of nature, as only Concetta can.

Please enjoy a visit to her ONLINE GALLERY HERE and she looks forward to welcoming you to her public gallery located ON SITE AT TOORALOO FARM!
Here you can stay a while in one of the beautiful farm stay dwellings, hold a celebration or wedding, and also view her original oil on canvas masterpieces at the same time. Perhaps, you can take a piece of her otherworldly talent back home with you…

Enjoy her vision and her dream…she makes wishes come true!