Our Special Magic!

Tooraloo makes all your wishes come true…

Tooraloo offers magical experience for our guests.

It is a place to gather and celebrate those special milestones in your life. Spacious, ethernal and mother nature’s natural haven, it’s boundless beauty, provides endless options for you to create your dreams.

A message from Concetta to you:

“As a fine artist, I understand the need to embrace creativity in your life. I created Tooraloo from a blank beautiful canvas. It’s location allows you to dream in any way that is uniquely you. I encourage you to see the magic others have enjoyed on my Tooraloo Instagram and Facebook pages. Such a myriad of enchanting moments that you could live through too.

Please let me know how I can help you make some Tooraloo magic too when you come to stay.

I look forward to helping you make all your wishes come true – planning and personal self-expression are my bliss moments!



Tooraloo is a special place

“Perfect, Paradise and Magical” are just a few of the words used by our guests to describe the wonder of Tooraloo Farmstay.  Situated on 12 acres in a premier location in Byron Bay’s sought-after hinterland, it’s close enough to the M1 for your guest’s convenience, yet far enough away to be secluded and tranquil. Seemingly made to order for you!

The centrepiece of our grounds are the two ancient fig trees, forming a natural cathedral arbour. They are ready to bare witness to declarations of love, or any other whisperings. With heavenly views over the valley below, they’re mesmerising.

The fields and gardens provide ample space for any kind of enjoyment.

Soon Tooraloo while boast an organic cafe to cater to your taste buds in 2023! Concetta is lining-up fantastic local caterers for her soon to be Eucalyptus Cafe. Tooraloo gardens are a perfect place to stretch your legs, play garden games, or take a starlit stroll.

Amenities & Accommodation

Book A Tour Today

Call or email Concetta today for her comprehensive rates and full offerings. She is happy to provide tours, custom quotes, or a helpful hand in your planning.  Once you’ve gazed West over the valley, there’ll be no doubt in your mind that you chosen the right place on earth.

Tooraloo’s rustic chic cabana, open air gas BBQ hut and beautiful gazebo provide slow organic food enjoyment with friends and family. Our in-ground pool is a dream for dipping your feet into on hot days, but is also popular for a cheeky late-night splash – suit, tie and all – jump right in!

And of course, we cannot forget the convenience you and your guests will have by being able to retire to their rooms as the night draws to a close, before gathering to breakfast and reminiscing in the morning of the day before – see Accommodation for more.

Tooraloo’s Unique Style

Every detail of this restored historic property was the vision of proprietress Concetta Antico, a world famous artist whose gift becomes evident to all when they arrive. Delicate woodwork, master carpentry throughout, vintage building materials, antiques abounding, stunning stained glass and every convenience laid out to her master plan.  Then there’s the colour – not just the abundant natural beauty of the Byron Shire hinterland, but the influence of her super human scientifically endorsed tetrachromacy which punctuates beauty wherever you look, from the gardens to the carefully curated artwork.

Concetta is the ultimate muse. She can help you envision, as she does, the right course and ideas for your stay. She cares that every aspect is as you would wish for, she makes your wishes come true!

“We Make Wishes Come True”